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God is love (1 John 4:8), and having abundantly and liberally shared His marvelous love with men, His rich deposits elicit glory-filled responses from the recipients of His manifold grace.

As the greatest love ever, God, the preeminent lover of the soul, so fittingly deserves perpetual adoration, glory and honor.

William Sammuel Owens, Jr. quite colorfully, skillfully, and passionately renders literary worship to the Author of all mankind, with poetic brilliance and authentic humility.

Love Poems To God offers a unique glimpse into the dynamic communion that exists between the Lord Jesus Christ and His divinely-favored children. It is pure worship and beautifully-formulated verse, from the anointed pen of one of God’s divinely-inspired wordsmiths.

Celebrate God in uncommon fashion, as you journey through this choice collection of spiritually-seasoned works.





































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